The Wrong Side of the Fence

by ManicM

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released May 21, 2008

© 2008 U-Lit Records

All songs written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by ManicM at The Attic, except where noted.

Mastered by Gijs Steenbergen at Dare To Do Studio, Alkmaar
Artwork design by ManicM
Front cover photography by Martijn Dorresteijn
Additional photography by Adrienne Valenza
Executive producers: M.S. Hoogland & T. Kroon

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ManicM Alkmaar

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Track Name: The Wrong Side of the Fence
I look at everything around me, it just doesn’t make sense
It’s so easy to make enemies and hard to make friends
I’ve always felt I’m on the wrong side of the fence

The freedom we had, we let it slip through our hands
It seems that all of our choices are now replaced with brands
nothing is free here on the wrong side of the fence

I’m like the guy who lost his legs and really wants to dance
My days are quite empty, but my dreams are intense
But still I wake up on the wrong side of the fence

I get this feeling that there’s a growing lack of intelligence
If God is real, then he’s making practical jokes on my expense
(hey God) Why did you put me on the wrong side of the fence?

I look at everything around me, it doesn’t make any sense
If you ask me, I don’t think this sickness ever ends
There’s no medication to get you over the fence
Track Name: Deleted Scenes
I can’t remember what I did yesterday
I know it’s 7 hours ago but it feels a hunderd miles away
I try to live in between all my daily routines
If society was a movie I’d be living in deleted scenes
It doesn’t kill me and it doesn’t make me stronger
I wake up at 4 pm each day and wanna stay in longer
And that’s wrong to some but to me it feels alright
‘Cos nothing makes me happier than staying up all night
Drinking beer, drinking wine, playing Waits, feeling fine
Crawling into bed when all the others rise to shine
I wonder if they ever wonder what it is I do
To them I’m just the quiet guy who lives on 62
Who doesn’t seem to have a job ‘cos he’s always at home
No wife or kids or anyone, he’s always there alone
But hey I gotta go, dawn is here, it’s getting late
I never wait for sunshine, I might just evaporate

Leave me in the morning
Take me home at night
I’m a man with many reasons
To run away from all the light

Woke up this afternoon, another day another curse
But here I’m back at 4 am to do the second verse
So people think I’m unemployed but that just isn’t right
I’m a nightporter in a hotel, I also like to write
The slower pace, the darker days, it feels like no return
When I go outside on sunny days my eyes can’t help but burn
By the time I reach the supermarket I’m less alive than dead
And the people stare like I have got a pumpkin for a head
I take a sixer and a pizza, some more coffee just in case
I know I needed more but shit, my memory’s a maze
I barely make it to the register suddenly there’s a flash
Guess I am not really awake yet, I forgot to bring my cash

Well to me this pretty much is the only way to live this life
I mean I never see myself go back to working 9-to-5
And I know some other people, I’d almost call ‘em friends
On the internet you see, time is of no relevance
OK I know the nightlife brings a paleness to the face
It’s the price of living out-of-sync with-the-human race
And I’m the last to leave a party ‘cos I’m the last one awake
You’ll often find me waiting outside for the first bus to take
Oh sometimes it isn’t easy, sometimes it kinda blows
Everything is closed, there’s no decent tv shows
But there’s a guitar, there’s a book, there is music and there’s wine
There’s a Marlon Brando movie, there is some peace of mind
I think that’s what I like most about living like I do
I wish I had the freakin’ energy to explain it all to you
Well, before I go a final thought, I think it’s safe to say
I’m just not compatible with the world of today
Track Name: Kylie's Blues
Last night I dreamed of Kylie
She was lying on my bed
We didn’t do anything dirty
We were cleaning the house instead
And i took pictures with my shaking hands
I thought i was going mad
God, i wish i had never awoken
Wish my days wouldn't be so sad
I'd rather be dead instead of having to forget
The moment she smiled and whispered:
“I can't get you outta my head”
Track Name: Some Day Soon
If the bottle had a heart – I could make it to the bottom
If sobriety’s a privilege I would never feel alone
I like to go uptown and look for houses I can live in
The cork is just a doorway and the liquor is my home

I am looking for an exit and I know I’m gonna find it (some…day soon)
Someone told me about living and I think I’m gonna try it (some…day soon)
But as long as I’m alone my soul is prone to self destruction
The bottle that once was a heart
Might break (some day soon)

I’ll be alive when tomorrow comes - if tomorrow comes
Track Name: Doing Time
Materialism kills, but people don’t seem to mind
It’s an urge that occurs in mankind
Craving all the things they can or can’t own
Feeling these compulsions to the bone
Drawn to another hit of drawing their credit card
With bills piling up which they seem to discard
An overkill of things they can or can’t own
Numbed by this addiction to the bone
Objection, affection, a new design collection
Fighting it all for perfection
Demure, couture, many cravings to endure
Just buy all to be sure

They keep telling their selves that they are doing fine
But it can be more related to doing time
Locked in this world of superficiality
Not wanting to own all is an abnormality

They think they can stop, but they never have enough
They always think they need something more
A habit to buy, shop until they die
I pity these discount whores
Doing time in a world of objects
Stricken by the beauty in the mall
A hole in their hands, these materialism fans
Wanting it all will be their downfall

Isn’t time enough for you to have
Do you think you need something else
To get rid of the void you’re feeling
You’ll probably resort to stealing

Stop lying to yourself by saying that you’re free
You’re nothing more than a wannabe
The only path to reconcile for this bloody habit
Is that you finally recognize that you truly have it
But live this excess life with me I truly do adore it
Giving in to vanity and please do not ignore it
Monsieur Plastique to be your guide in the land of money
Kill the cop, shop ‘till you drop and come with me my honey

You say that you're free
You're just a wannabe
You're doing fine? You're doing time!
You say that you're free
You're just a wannabe
But I do adore it
and I don't ignore it
Come with me
to the land of money
I'll guide you through it,
my honey
Track Name: RedGreenBlues
I don’t come around
neighbors don’t know me
I stay in the house
Where my best friend can show me
The fun, the facts
Violence and sex
All I need to really relax

I’m not quite a winner
Which gives me the blues
But with 59 channels
I can’t ever lose
Through a gaze on the screen
‘Cos blues are just blues
Among reds and greens

Life is not pleasant
So I stay in bed
As soon as I wake up
I turn on the set
They laugh, they love
They talk about stuff
I can’t get enough
Track Name: Imbalance
I roam among the people with destructive needs
Indeed, we meet in the anomic streets
Ruled by the darkest and the foulest greeds
Shake hands with the famished of modernity’s seeds
We breed without aims, more mouths to feed
Who’s hands bleed for this thoughtless deed
We would love to life to the fullest
Get educated, money, cars, be the people that now ruin us
And smother us in dirt, to leave unheard
The voices of my people who are free as the birds
But maybe I tell you all wrong and this conflict
Might just be the other way around, ya dig?
We turn our backs to the weak unstable
This fable goes on from cradle to cradle

Ever since the day of my birth I’ve neglected the worth
Of walking around on this earth
I’ve been locked in my head
Nothing makes me smile, nothing makes me sad
When I write and talk strange words slip through
Verbs and nouns, things I have to do
To finally cure this fever called life
As long as my head’s clear I think I’ll survive

Unconscious like the tombstones on my path
Making me realize that there’s not but death
Surrounding me – stalking my faith
But not letting me know why I’m here to wait
‘Till it finally strikes and drags me down
To a silent world for the living to be found
Yet only these demons playing in my head
Whispering my name, insane, I go mad

No this cannot be real, I must be asleep
The claws of madness can’t cut me this deep
I pinch myself but it’s already clear
That my visions of sanity have disappeared

Lying on the floor, locked up in my room
Can’t seem to move and all I feel is gloom
It wasn’t me but that won’t set me free
Blame it on absence of sanity
This night, next night, same night, every night
I pray for light but it’s already inside
Of me, like it’s meant to be
I’m mentally trapped by this entity
I’m losing this battle and I’ll fuck up my war
On the day that I’ll wake up you’ll see me no more

From the storm that I was remains but a draft
Who will survive and what will be left
From the storm that I was remains but a draft
Who will survive and what will be left
Track Name: Strolling Down the Highway
you left me strolling down the highway
underneath a purple sky (x2)
and i can't stop seeing your face
in all the cars that pass me by

the rain keeps falling down
and it's washing away my tears (x2)
but it just can't wash away
the love i felt for you for all these years

oh baby why'd you leave me
why did you leave me here to die (x2)
it's fifty miles until the next town
feels like a thousand without you by my side

strolling down the highway
and the rain will turn to snow (x2)
'cos it gets colder here without you
i miss you so
Track Name: It's Gone
I know that it’s gone, I know that it’s gone
I know that it’s never coming back to me again
I know that it’s gone, I know that it’s gone
I’m too afraid, now it’s too late for me to be a man

I like the sound of thunder
I like the smell of rain
I like the way you ran outside
And got wet, you seemed insane
You were standing in the garden
With a rainbow ‘round your head
You said that we could live forever
But I was already dead

The early morning dew
Settled on my eyelashes
Chilly wind lifted my hair
And you longed to take the hand reaching
For yours
In reckless abandonment
Tracing my laugh lines
With fingers hungry for flesh

You watch me smile
Lighting up every dark cloud
That weigh heavy burden on shoulders
You struggle to reach for my rainbow
And make it yours..